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Pickering nuclear plant ordered to quit killing fish


The Pickering nuclear power plant is killing fish by the millions. Close to one million fish and 62 million fish eggs and larvae die each year when they’re sucked into the water intake channel in Lake Ontario, which the plant uses to cool steam condensers. The fish, which include alewife, northern pike, Chinook salmon and rainbow smelt, are killed when they’re trapped on intake screens or suffer cold water shock after leaving warmer water that’s discharged into the
lake. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has told Ontario Power Generation, which operates the plant, to reduce fish mortality by 80 per cent. And in renewing Pickering A station’s operating licence last month, the nuclear regulator asked for annual public reports on fish mortality and the effectiveness of steps OPG is taking to reduce rates. “Quite clearly we were talking about a lot of fish,” says a spokesperson for the commission, adding that while the kill has been going on “forever,” environmental issues were only recently added to licensing considerations.


Half of Japan’s reactors in trouble


Kyodo News
Nearly half of Japan’s commercial nuclear power reactors had problems requiring action, including the need for inspections, in their fiscal 2009 operations, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Monday in its first such report. But none is deemed to have had a problem that is not “tolerable,” while a majority got a passing grade, the agency affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said in “report cards” on problems, malfunctions and operational status at the nation’s 54 reactors in the year through March 31.
Fourteen of Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s 17 reactors needed additional inspections, with the No. 1 to 4 reactors of the Fukushima No. 2 plant judged to have had “significant” problems over a discharge of radioactive materials into the sea through a drainage pipe that came to light in October. The agency compiles inspection plans for the next fiscal year based on the latest evaluations. Those getting a passing grade will have to undergo only basic inspections, but additional inspections or administrative measures will be imposed on others found to be problematic.

New Finnish Nuclear Power Plant (UPM-Kymmene & Stora Enso)