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Nuke power project: 3000 villagers court arrest in Ratnagiri


Anil Singh, TNN, Oct 29, 2010, 08.08pm IST

MADBAN VILLAGE (RATNAGIRI): This tiny village took on the might of the state on Friday and by the evening, victory clearly belonged to it. Despite preventive arrests, prohibitory orders and road blocks more than 3000 villagers’ courted arrests, as part of their ‘Jail Bharo’ agitation. By 6 pm, the police requested the leaders of the agitation to stop the flow of people.

The agitation was primarily in response to the government claim that the villagers were quiet and only a handful of outsiders were leading the agitation against the proposed 10000 MW nuclear power project in the village.

The agitation started peacefully at noon at Bhagwati temple in the village. Hundreds of women including the elderly queued up to be arrested, followed by the men folks. The police had arranged for four ST buses, but they failed awfully short, as villagers of Madban and the neighbouring villages continued to pour in.

The 250-strong contingent of policemen came prepared with riot gear and rifles, but there was not even slogan shouting. “This is a show of strength and the government must now realise that we cannot be taken for granted,” Pravin Davankar of the Janhit Seva Samiti, which has been opposing the project for the past five years.

Arun Velaskar of the Konkan Bachao Samiti said, “The repressive measures of the state would not be tolerated.” Vivek Monteiro, a labour leader said that AREVA, the French firm, which has been given the contract for the nuclear reactor, is under a cloud in Europe.

The villagers were angry because the government was refusing to tell them the truth and releasing information in bits and pieces. “After all, we are the ones to be directly affected,” said Sanjay Gavankar, a villager, who runs a cashew nut factory.

The villagers had steadfastly refused compensation and even lit bon fires of the revised compensation package announced by the state revenue minister Narayan Rane, who’s son Nilesh, is the MP from Sindhudurg-Ratnagiri.

Retired High Court judge B G Kolse-Patil, who had being served orders preventing him from entering Ratnagiri District, flouted the ban and attended the rally. While the police were looking for him on the road, he took the sea route and appeared dramatically in the temple at 3 pm. “I will oppose this sort of high-handedness by the state tooth and nail,” he said. The police had to physically carry him off to arrest him.

Retired Admiral L Ramdas and retired Supreme Court Judge P B Samant, who were coming to the rally, were stopped by the police at Hativali junction on the Mumbai-Goa Highway.

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EDF’s EPR Reactor at Flamanville Is Delayed by 24 Months, Le Figaro Says


By David Whitehouse – Jul 6, 2010
Construction of Electricite de France SA’s EPR nuclear reactor at Flamanville in Normandy is running about 24 months late, Le Figaro reported, citing an unidentified person.
EDF’s director in charge of the project, Herve Machenaud, responded that progress is still being evaluated, the newspaper said.
The company is likely to publish a new calendar for Flamanville this month, the newspaper said, without citing anyone.

Mais um adiamento com a central nuclear EPR de Olkiluoto


Posted by Clavis Prophetarum em 2010/06/25

Reactor 3 da Central Nuclear EPR de Olkiluoto (

Os problemas com a construção da central nuclear finlandesa de última geração não param. A construção da central de Olkiluoto foi entregue ao gigante francês do ramo, a Areva.

A central – com a inovadora tecnologia EPR da Areva – deverá agora entrar apenas em serviço a partir de finais de 2012. Isto representa um novo atraso de seis meses em relação à última data conhecida… Especialmente preocupante quando se sabe que inicialmente se pensava que a central devia entrar ao serviço em meados de 2009!

A central de Olkiluoto será (quando finalmente entrar em funcionamento) a primeira usando a tecnologia de Terceira Geração EPR “European Pressurised Reactor”. A Areva está a construir outro EPR em França, que deverá estar operacional em 2013 e mais outros dois na China, que deverão estar também a funcionar em 2013 e 2014. Isto se não tiverem os mesmos atrasos (fundamentalmente com os sistemas de tubagens) da central finlandesa… E se as críticas dos ambientalistas não se confirmarem (como a Greenpeace) quanto à falta de redundância de alguns dos sistemas da central, algo que pode ter consequências dramáticas num acidente…