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Dear friend,

For $1 trillion, you could provide education, clean water, and basic healthcare for millions of people around the world.

That’s why the analysis we just released (which appeared in today’s Financial Times) is so shocking: never-before-seen data exposing plans by world leaders to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons over the next 10 years. That’s right– $1 trillion in the next 10 years on useless, Cold War relics that don’t address today’s security threats, and in fact pose the greatest danger to the world. $1 trillion for nukes while funding for schools and hospitals gets slashed?!

Enough is enough. It’s time to remind our leaders what really matters.

This week, at the Global Zero summit in London, activists from around the world will announce a new campaign with a very simple message—if you have to cut the budget, start with nukes, not the things that we desperately need. We have four days before the press conference announcing the campaign’s official launch to show massive international support for this campaign.

Will you take one minute to tell the world’s leader’s to cut nukes, not schools, jobs and healthcare?

Movement leaders are joining together at the summit to push for governments to act urgently to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide. While we’ve made amazing strides in the past two years, this is a unique moment in the fight for a world without nuclear weapons.

The yearly cost of just 1 nuke (the world has more than 22,000 nukes, in case you’re wondering) could get healthcare for tens of thousands of people, major investments in green energy, or hundreds of college scholarships. What matters to you most—Books? Doctors? Jobs? Tell your leaders today!

Politicians say a lot of things, but it is where they put our money that shows their true priorities. By making nukes spending part of the national budget conversation, we are reminding them that they work for us, and we expect them to use our money responsibly.

If like us, you believe that there are countless things that deserve our tax dollars more than useless nukes, please sign the petition today, so we can send the strongest message possible at the Global Zero summit later this week.


Galit, Anaiz, Marion, Holly, Scott and the rest of the Global Zero team

, Scott and the rest of the Global Zero team



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