Renewable news from Spain


Some recent news on renewables from Spain:
2 new wind power maximums. Wind power doubles maximum possible nuclear output in Spain. Last week, wind power broke records twice, the last one on Nov. 9th, when wind provided very close to 15,000 MW (14,962 MW), at 14:46, 13.5% above former record reached just the day before. Maximum hourly and daily generations were reached those days too. Being also peak time for demand, wind power provided at the time 46.65% of power generation, plus 18.73% supplied by the other renewables and co-generation, that means that clean energy was supplying 65% of power generation, while Spain was exporting 4,67% and pumping 6% for storage. More info.
Renewable jobs. ISTAS (an institute from trade union CC.OO.) and IDAE (Spanish Government’s renewable agency) have just published a report showing that renewables employ 115,722 people in Spain: 70,152  direct jobs, plus 45,570 indirect jobs. 43.6% of direct jobs are on wind power sector. They forecast 202,015 jobs by 2020 (128,373 direct jobs, 47,527 jobs on PV) just by implementing existing target under the RENAP. However, data from sector associations show that these data are just a bare minimum. Protermosolar says that the jobs allocated to CSP in the study (511) account only those in R&D, but there are currently 15,000 people working in CSP plants.
All this, in spite of the pro-coal, pro-nuclear, anti-renewable minister Spain have


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