AP1000 impact study not adequate



Westinghouse has been told to resubmit its assessment of aircraft impact on the
AP1000 reactor. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said that documents
put to it in order to demonstrate a 2009 requirement did not include
‘realistic’ analyses and that this amounted to a violation of requirements that
Westinghouse must explain and rectify. A rule introduced by NRC in 2009 states
that new nuclear power plant buildings and safety systems must maintain
containment, cooling of the reactor core and the integrity or cooling of used
fuel facilities in the event of the impact of a large passenger jet. All
reactor vendors must fulfil this requirement for their designs. For
Westinghouse this regulatory work comes in addition to a 2007 design amendment
to the original AP1000 design, which was certified by the NRC in 2006.


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