On the Russian nuclear power plant found fake parts


 Author: olga

Builders of nuclear power plants caught in China and Volgodonsk
Rostov-on-Don, January 21 (New Region, Alexey Usov) – At Volgodonsk nuclear power plant seized pirate items of equipment. According to “Arguments of the week” from the source of “Rosatom”, all the defective parts were intended for minor equipment plant. The audit was conducted after a series of emergency at the station that occurred in December 2009. Previously unsuitable  parts were found at Novovoronezh and Kalinin nuclear power plant. Russia’s builders Tianwan NPP in China were fined by customers.
On December 19, 2009 there was a physical launch of the second unit of Volgodonsk NPP. The reactor is already loaded with fresh fuel. And soon will be launching energy. But the construction of power was accompanied by scandals: The plant who was in charge for production of armature claims that they never produced it. It means that at nuclear dangerous facilities were used equipment of  unknown “author.”
On 26 December 2009, two days after the physical launch at the Volgodonsk nuclear power plant there was an accident: because of the short-circuit electrical protection worked the turbine generator of unit № 1 disconnected from grid. The cause of the accident was quickly found: defective insulators from the generator to the transformer. Following this accident it happened and another one: on 10th January 2010  system control nozzle steam generator found deviation in the pipe system of steam generator. The reactor was shut down. The unit was switched to the grid only on January 16.
Previously, similar problems with poor-quality parts were found at other Russian nuclear power plants. In August 2007, the pirate equipment was found at Kalinin nuclear power plant in the Tver province. They brought to the station wrong switches: nuts sending the drive is not included in the slots, the main contacts had blisters. In 2005 FSB found a low-quality Chinese bearings at Novovoronezh plant.
Defective parts damped international reputation of Russian Builders. In China, such problems have arisen at the stage of construction Tjanwan nuclear power plant. Details of construction were not consistent with the project, and the Chinese inspectors forced Russian nuclear builders to change them. It led to rise of cost of the project and delay the launch of reactor. General contractor and supplier Atomstroiexport bore tangible losses. The first unit was commissioned on June 2, the second – 12 September 2007. A total term of Tjanwan Nuclear Power Plant construction was 10 years, during which the contractor was often fined by the Chinese checkers


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