Parem a locura nuclear!


Stop nuclear madness in other words. Today, Greenpeace Italy took that message to the Rome’s Palazzo Civilt`a del Lavoro which is in front of the Industrial Association (Confindustria). 


That’s where energy giant Enel is presenting its propaganda to those Italian companies hoping to participate in building EPR reactors in Italy. President Silvio Berlusconi dreams of having at least four of them built and running by 2020. We imagine Silvio has some pretty wild dreams so why not four EPRs? 

That’s not the end of Italy’s crazy nuclear fantasies though. Enel promises that about 70% of the enormous budget will be given over to Italian companies. Those companies may be in for a disappointment. The nuclear island for the power plant will be built by French nuclear monopolists AREVA and represents roughly two thirds of the overall costs. The reality is, as they found out in Finland where they’re also building an EPR, most jobs and contracts were outsourced overseas. Let’s see if Enel can keep their promise in the face of the global nuclear skill shortage. 

It’s time Enel stopped their nuclear madness and to looked to real and sustainable job opportunities like those offered by Greenpeace’s Energy Revolution

(More information is available in Italian on Greenpeace Italy’s website)


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