Aprenda como não se tornar nuclear!


Finland’s new nuclear plant at Olkiluoto should have been generating revenue and a major slice of the country’s electricity by now. Instead, the project has become a multibillion-euro money pit that serves as a cautionary tale for incoming members of the nuclear energy club, including the UAE. In 2005, Finland broke ground on the world’s most advanced reactor, a 1,600-megawatt plant built by Areva of France and the German firm Siemens. The nuclear industry hoped it would be an example of a new generation of plants that were cheap and efficient and could be built faster than older models. Four and a half years later, the project is running at least three years late, costs have doubled and both sides are locked in an ugly legal battle that spilled out in public several times last year. The Olkiluoto fiasco loomed large in the selection process for the UAE’s own nuclear power programme, which culminated in awarding a US$20 billion (Dh73.46bn) contract to a group of Korean firms last month over a rival bid from a French consortium that included Areva. Government officials said a key factor in the decision was the Korean team’s demonstrated ability to build reactors on schedule.’


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